Friday, January 21, 2011

Job Design needed using SCD stage

Could you please help me as to how we will use SCD stage under this scenario.

“The source table is in Oracle with following layout:



Customer_Id Varchar2(5),

Customer_First_Name Varchar2(20),

Customer_Last_Name Varchar2(20),

Customer_Email_Address Varchar2(50),

Prefered_Payment_Method Varchar2(20),

No_of_dependents Number(2,0),

Row_Ins_Dt Date NOT NULL,

Row_Ins_by_user_id Varchar2(30) NOT NULL,

Row_Upd_Dt Date NOT NULL,

Row_Upd_by_user_id Varchar2(30) NOT NULL


And target also in Oracle with the following layout:

And Dim_CUSTOMER as:


Cust_Key Number(10) NOT NULL,

Cust_Id Varchar2(5) NOT NULL,

Cust_F_Name Varchar2(20),

Cust_LName Varchar2(20),

Cust_Email_Address Varchar2(50),

Prefered_Payment_Method Varchar2(20),

No_of_dependents Number(2),

Ins_Dt Date NOT NULL,

Ins_by_user_id Varchar2(30) NOT NULL,

Upd_Dt Date NOT NULL,

Upd_by_user_id Varchar2(30) NOT NULL,


Could you please explain me how to use SCD for loading the source data to target here, there is no transformation involved, only type-2 data load.


You should take a look at this tutorial

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